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ICT services

National Information Technologies JSC (NIT) offers the services of comprehensively addressing the tasks through integrating the high-class software and hardware into the single software/hardware complex aimed precisely at solving customer’s individual problems.

Pursuant to Resolution by Government of the RoK No. 40 as of January 29, 2016, NIT was appointed the e-Government ICT Infrastructure Operator to provide the following services:

-  supporting the e-Government ICT infrastructure facilities;

-  maintaining the web resources;

-  system/technical maintenance of e-Government ICT infrastructure facilities;

-  ICT infrastructure hosting/colocation;

-  lease of software.

1.  Supporting the ICT infrastructure facilities

NIT provides services of supporting the information systems of technological platforms, hardware/software systems, telecommunication networks, as well as hardware seamless operation and information security systems.

Supporting the e-Government ICT infrastructure facilities includes:

-  maintaining the information system;

-  administering the information system;

-  maintaining and supporting the information system users;

-  information system analytics;

-  administering the hardware;

-  ensuring information security.

2.  Maintaining the web resources

NIT provides to government agencies the services of web resources functionality maintenance which includes:

-  software maintenance of a web resource;

-  domain names registration and support;

-  web resource content maintenance;

-  methodological support and development of documentation for information resources;

-  administering the operating systems, databases, and application software;

-  ensuring information security.

3. System/technical maintenance of ICT infrastructure

System/technical maintenance is aimed at ensuring seamless operation of software/hardware complex, information systems, and telecommunication networks. The service includes:

-  administering the information system;

-  runtime service;

-  technical service;

-  hardware diagnostics and repair;

-  administering the servers, system software, application software, and operating systems;

-  administering LAN/SCS networks;

-  installation/recovery and configuring the system software, application software and information systems.

-  ensuring information security.

4.  Lease of ICT infrastructure

Lease of ICT infrastructure refers to information & communication service of providing e-Government infrastructure to a lessee for temporary possession and use for the purpose of locating the information processing, storage and transmission hardware/software. 

Сo-location – locating the agencies’ servers refers toprovidingthe places in the racks in the server center (SC) or in regional data centers (RDC) for placing the server hardware and telecommunication equipment owned by government agencies of the RoK.

Hosting of serversisthe service of providing a virtual machine which is a scalable computer infrastructure on demand within one virtual server, with the installed operating system, for locating the service recipient’s services and systems in Operator’s SC or RDC.

5. Lease of software

This is an ICT service of providing on a payable basis for temporary possession and use the software and service software products located on the e-Government ICT platform.

6. Integrated Call Center services

This is a help desk to provide to the service recipients the information on matters related to delivery of public services etc., and to the government agencies – the information on matters related to delivery of ICT services.

Integrated Call Center services include:

-  24x7 consultation support to individuals and legal entities on matters related to delivery of public services etc.;

-  24x7 consultation maintenance to government agencies on matters related to delivery of ICT services;

-  24x7 consultation maintenance to individuals, legal entities and government agencies on e-Government issues.

7. Providing telecommunication services to government agencies, to their local branches and departmental organizations

NIT JSC providestelecommunication services to government agencies, their local branches and departmental organizations in the following areas:

- Telecommunication services:

-Data transmission under “virtual private network” technology based on wireless/satellite/ground infrastructure through Government Intranet;

-Access to the Internet, IP telephony;

-Firewall arrangement.

- Video conferences` arrangement service.

- Online broadcasting arrangement service.

- Arrangement of government agencies` secure telecommunication channels using informatization cryptographic tools service.

8. Video conferences` arrangement service

Video conference is a session of “live” communication between people that comprises online speech and text/visual information exchange via hardware.

Our Company delivers video conferences` arrangement service to high ranking officials, local executive agencies, central government agencies, and also arranges video conferences with foreign countries, CIS, Eurasian Economic Commission, Eurasian Development Bank, etc.

The service was launched in 2009.

9. Online broadcasting arrangement service

Online broadcasting is a service for online broadcasting of audio and video content via the Internet to government agencies` online resources. It is used to cover larger audiences.

Our Company delivers the online broadcasting arrangement service to high ranking Kazakhstani officials and central government agencies of the RoK.

The online broadcasting arrangement service is delivered to government agencies to cover open sessions on web resources and social media.

The service was launched in 2010.


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