For the information of potential suppliers. National Information Technologies JSC (hereinafter: NIT JSC) notifies that since January 01, 2020, NIT JSC procures goods, works and services based on the Rules for procurement of goods, works and services by national managing holdings, national holdings, national companies and organizations, fifty and more percent of voting shares (ownership interest in authorized capital) of which are directly or indirectly owned by national managing holding, national holding or national company approved by the order of First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhgstan as of October 31, 2019, No. 1201. From February 24, 2020, procurement procedures are carried out through “Eurasian Electronic Portal” information system( (Operator: “MITWORK” LLP). To participate in procurement, you need to register on the portal.




Targeted social assistance recipients can download or share a supporting document in one click via eGov mobile app

Now, targeted social assistance recipients can provide access to a digital supporting document. National Information Technologies JSC integrated a new document to e-Gov app for the convenience of Kazakhstani citizens, who receive a targeted social assistance. 

The service will be useful for those who do not have an original copy of a document. To show a document, one needs to log in to the e-Gov app. A document of a targeted social assistance recipient is available at Digital Documents section of eGov mobile app. A targeted social assistance recipient can provide access to a document using QR code, which will enable a requesting party verifying a document authenticity. 

It should be reminded that 18 digital documents are available at eGov mobile, such as: an identity card, a driver's license, a diploma, a student ID card, etc. The e-Gov app is available for download in Google Play, AppGallery, AppStore.