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Business Analyst of the Integrated Solutions Department

        Candidate specification:

        Education: higher. Technical sciences and technologies.

        Work experience: over 3 years.


         Compulsory expertise and skills:

  • The ability to write a competent writing of the Technical Task
  • Ability to develop technical documentation;
  • understanding software development processes and methodology;
  • knowledge of the basics of design;
  • understanding system integration protocols and interfaces;
  • understanding the basics of information systems architecture;
  • ability to prepare the necessary accounting documentation;
  • ability to design a system;
  • risk analysis and causes of errors in the development of systems;
  • creation of automated information systems;
  • understanding and performing the business analysis function;
  • IT system testing;
  • ability to use the necessary tools like: Confluence, Microsoft Visio, Jira, Excel;
  • Preparation of presentation materials (ability to create presentations);
  • Ability to work with big data and analyze business data;
  • Ability to work with NPAs, conduct their analysis and research;
  • Ability to work with UI editors for prototyping user interfaces;
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  • Possession of tools that help to fix requirements, for example UML;
  • The ability to determine the zones of influence of systems, to distinguish subtasks from a large task, and subsystems from a system.
  • Integration design (API, JSON, REST, XML) (optional)
  • Knowledge of business process modeling tools (Drawio, Figma, Bizagi Process Modeler, etc.) (optional)

         Functional duties:

  • participation in discussions with the team;
  • competent writing of TK;
  • development of technical documentation;
  • coordination of the activities of co-executors in the joint performance of work with other structural divisions of the organization;
  • collecting, analyzing and documenting functional software requirements;
  • participation in the formulation of tasks and the development of technical specifications;
  • risk analysis and causes of errors in the development of systems;
  • coordination of software development, implementation and use;
  • delegating tasks to performers;
  • task execution control and IT system testing;
  • teaching users how to work with the new system;
  • receiving or sending for revision in case of problems;


         What we offer:

  • Training and advanced training courses (including international ones) for employees;
  • Medical allowance for rehabilitation to a paid annual labor leave in the amount of 2 (two) official salaries;
  • Quarterly bonuses;
  • Modern and comfortable office;
  • Morning and evening conveying on buses that run through all the districts of the capital.

         Job conditions:

  • Salary is discussed during an interview;
  • Full-time job with a work schedule from 09.00 AM to 06.30 PM, 5/2.
  • Send your CV by e-mail:

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