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“e-Notary” Integrated Notary Information System

A notary public is a person who verifies documents and dealings. Citizens call on public notaries in thousands of cases, for instance, for notarization of a diploma`s copy, copies of documents for traveling; when buying or selling an apartment; in formalizing inheritance, etc. While previously, being not properly prepared, citizens spent a lot of time on gathering the required abstracts, searching for the nearest public notary office and obtaining the required documents, then currently, upon introduction of e-Notary system, neither citizens nor public notaries have to spend so much time and efforts. 

219 092 prohibitions and arrests

Over56 million of activities

488 895 of inheritance cases


Reduction of the number of documents required from citizens and verification of documents submitted by them.“e-Notary” system is integrated with other government information systems and databases. It is the integration that helps public notaries in Kazakhstan to request information on individuals, legal entities and real estate online duringnotarial procedures.


All public notary`s actions, all information requests are recorded in the system.


E-register of all notarial procedures is maintained in the system, which enables quickly searching for the required information. Semiannual reports that are to be submitted to the Notary Chamber are automatically formed by the system. 


Videos instructing how to work with “e-Notary” system tutorials on execution of notarial actions are regularly published on the portal.


On the portal`s homepage, citizens can find information on all public notaries in the region, their addresses, contact details and information on their licenses.


Using the system, Kazakhstani citizens can find the entire legal framework that regulates notarial procedures, as well as contact details of local chambers and justice agencies administering notary issues in the country. 


Today, to perform most dealings, citizens do not have to submit to public notaries such documents as address certificate, abstracts of title to real estate, criminal record and legal capacity. All you need to have is your ID card with IIN indicated therein. This became possible thanks to “e-Notary” system which interacts with multiple systems and databases.


Thanks to “e-Notary” system, Kazakhstani citizens may be sure that when applying to a public notary there will not be any illegitimate or fraudulent dealings. For example, in executing a dealing on property purchase/sale, a public notary can check the authenticity of seller`s documents and his/her title to the property as well as make sure that there is no encumbrance or arrest imposed on it. 


Title to the property can be registered in a notary`s office. Upon acquiring a property, citizens can have their title to it registered without visiting other authorities.

Web-site of E-notary 

Video of E-notary