For the information of potential suppliers. National Information Technologies JSC (hereinafter: NIT JSC) notifies that since January 01, 2020, NIT JSC procures goods, works and services based on the Rules for procurement of goods, works and services by national managing holdings, national holdings, national companies and organizations, fifty and more percent of voting shares (ownership interest in authorized capital) of which are directly or indirectly owned by national managing holding, national holding or national company approved by the order of First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhgstan as of October 31, 2019, No. 1201. From February 24, 2020, procurement procedures are carried out through “Eurasian Electronic Portal” information system( (Operator: “MITWORK” LLP). To participate in procurement, you need to register on the portal.

covid-19 July 13, 2020 Nationwide Mourning Day in the Republic of Kazakhstan


e-Government Portal

Портал электронного правительства создан с целью упрощения процедур предоставления государственных услуг населению по принципу одного окна

Единая точка доступа ко всем информационным ресурсам государственных органов: открытый диалог с властью, конфиденциальность, установление прямого и обратного взаимодействия гражданина с государственными органами

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National Database

Automation of licensing processes and enabling the efficient, transparent mechanism for information interoperation between government agencies - licensors and business community of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Single Notary Information System

Ensuring notaries performance and their interoperation with both national and local notary chambers and with Ministry of Justice; rendering high-quality notary services to citizens; generating timely reliable reporting on notary actions.

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  • e-Government Portal
  • e-Licensing National Database
  • “e-Notariat” Single Notary Information System


New healthcare service and new digital document “Electronic technical passport of real property” available in eGovMobile

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7 new services became available in eGovМobile app

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Submission of request to amend erroneous data on real property available online

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24 socially important services can be obtained online

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Capability to search for administrative and traffic violation fines and pay for them available on e-Gov Portal

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Submission of request for assignment of payments due to pregnancy and childbirth available online

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Documents for participationin competition to study abroad can be submitted online

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Government agencies` websites transferred to the single platform of web-resources

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Kazakhstani citizens can temporary register throughout the country online

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Registration of a child at the place of residence available at portal

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Kazakhstani citizens can check an application status of documents acceptance to educational organizations online

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Individuals without Kazakhstani citizenship can obtain an abstract for employment online

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Initial registration of vehicles available for legal entities online

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5384 alcoholic products checked via “e-Sapa” app

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196 legal entities got access to 353 services published on "SmartBridge" platform

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