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e-Government Portal

Портал электронного правительства создан с целью упрощения процедур предоставления государственных услуг населению по принципу одного окна

Единая точка доступа ко всем информационным ресурсам государственных органов: открытый диалог с властью, конфиденциальность, установление прямого и обратного взаимодействия гражданина с государственными органами

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National Database

Automation of licensing processes and enabling the efficient, transparent mechanism for information interoperation between government agencies - licensors and business community of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Single Notary Information System

Ensuring notaries performance and their interoperation with both national and local notary chambers and with Ministry of Justice; rendering high-quality notary services to citizens; generating timely reliable reporting on notary actions.

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  • e-Government Portal
  • e-Licensing National Database
  • “e-Notariat” Single Notary Information System


Pay for public services using QR code

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“Digital Bridge” International Technological Forum took place in the capital of Kazakhstan.

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Nur-Sultan citizen became 10-millionth user of portal

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Employment record became electronic

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Representatives of IT companies can make an appointment with the Minister of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstani citizens can obtain abstracts via popular messengers

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Statistics data on real property can be obtained off schedule

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Public registration of mortgage for vessel, small vessel, vessel under construction can be performed via

National Information Technologies JSC informs of launching a service called “Public registration of mortgage for vessel, small vessel, vessel under construction” on September 23, 2019.

If previously it were three separate services, to date the processes have been optimized. The services were integrated into one service that can be obtained online without the necessity of leaving home. 

It should also be mentioned that service delivery term was decreased from 7 working days to 1 working day. 

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Digital commissioners introduced in Kazakhstan

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A meeting took place of National Information Technologies JSC management with representatives from China Electronics Technology Corporation (CETC) International

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Information announcement

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Now it is possible on to check for whom debt loans will be decreased

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Information on the status and movement of social contributions can be obtained on the portal

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Now labor immigrants can get and prolong a permit online

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Information announcement

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