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Strategy and mission

National Information Technologies JSC (hereinafter: the Company) was founded pursuant to Resolution by Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.492 as of April 4, 2000 “On Developing the Integrated Information Space4 in the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Since 2008, the Company has been a subsidiary of National “Zerde” ICT Holding.

By the Government’s Resolution as of January 29, 2016, the Company was appointed the operator of e-Government information and communication infrastructure (egov ICI) and also, pursuant to the Resolution by Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.118 as of February 26, 2016, the Company was defined as the Integrated Call Center.


is to provide government agencies and other organizations the opportunities of implementing their plans via the IT services with a view to improving Kazakhstan’s competitiveness and prosperity.


National Information Technologies JSC is a team of professionals, a fault-tolerant ICI, security and new solutions.



All our present and future achievements are the common achievements of all our staffs that constitute a highly professional, responsible and close-knit team.


We give priority to the result, to the ability to reach the set goals and gain maximally-possible return on all available human, technological and engineering resources.


Our activity’s results always meet the consumers’ requirements and expectations because the services delivered by us are reliable, convenient and secure. Our capability of ensuring high-quality result with no readjustments and recurrences is based on our professionalism, on insight into the goals, and into our customers’ needs and demands.


To effectuate the vision and implement the mission, the Company is operating in three strategic trends:

1. Ensuring the seamless operation of e-Government ICT infrastructure

Goal 1. Ensuringtheseamlessandreliableoperationofthegovernment agencies’ and data centers’ Intranet

Goal 2. Ensuring the accessibility and security of information systems and e-services

Goal 3. Integrated Call Center’s inquiry services delivery

2. ICT services delivery

Goal 1. Delivery of ICT services in accordance with catalogue of IT services

3. Improving the Company’s performance

Goal 1. Ensuring the Company’s financial stability

Goal 2. Governing the human resources