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National Information Technologies Joint Stock Company («NIT» JSC) - is a leading company in Kazakhstan’s information technology market.

The company was founded in 2000 pursuant to the Resolution by Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of April 04, 2000, No. 492 «On Development of Single Information Space in the Republic of Kazakhstan».

Since 2008, NIT has been the subsidiary of National «Zerde» ICT Holding.

By the Government’s Resolution as of January 29, 2016, the Company was appointed the operator of e-Government information and communication infrastructure (egov ICI) and also, pursuant to the Resolution by Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.118 as of February 26, 2016, the Company was defined as the Integrated Call Center.

With Resolution by Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.696 as of November 11, 2016 On Reorganizing «National Information Technologies» Joint-Stock Company and «Kazsatnet National Company» JSC, the latter merged with «NIT» JSC.

As specified in the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On Informatization» that came into force on January 1, 2016, NIT fulfils the following tasks as the e-Govinfocommunication infrastructure operator:

  • ensuring compliance with the uniform requirements in the field of infocommunication technologies and information security, as well as the rules for the service-based informatization model implementation;
  • performing system/technical support and maintenance of government agencies` web resources, including e-Gov infocommunication infrastructure components according to the list approved by the authorized body;
  • delivering infocommunication services to government agencies based on e-Gov infocommunication infrastructure in accordance with infocommunication services catalogue;
  • ensuring storage safety of public digital information resources located in e-Gov infocommunication infrastructure vested in the operator;
  • ensuring storage safety of public digital information resources in rendering the ICT services;
  • ensuring promptly responding to the revealed drawbacks in rendering infocommunication services, as well as the public e-services, and taking measures to eliminate such drawbacks;
  • fulfilling the integration and connection of local (exclusive of those with Internet access), departmental and corporate telecom networks of government agencies to the e-Government infocommunication infrastructure;
  • delivering the data transmission services to government agencies, to the subordinate organizations thereof, to local governments, as well as to any other informatization entities specified by the authorized agency and connected to the government Intranet for their web resources and information systems to be in operation;
  • creating and developing the e-government infocommunication platform and government Intranet;
  • performing maintenance and system/technical support to national gateway of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • enabling the content management of e-Government web portal.