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"E-notary" Unified Notary Information System

Since October 1, 2010, the unified notary information system has been put into operation. A notary public is a person certifying documents and transactions. The citizens of the country apply to a notary public for a vast number of issues, for instance to certify a copy of the diploma, documents when traveling abroad, when buying or selling an apartment, drawing up an inheritance. If previously citizens spent a lot of time collecting the necessary certificates, searching for the nearest notary public office, obtaining the necessary documents, now, with introduction of the "e-Notary" system, a lot of time was saved for both citizens and notary publics.

Connected: over 4,600 notary publics

Available data verification services:

  • Search for notary publics;
  • Checking the electronic registration of real estate;
  • Search for legal successors;
  • Checking a QR code;
  • Verification of power of attorney;
  • Checking inheritance cases

Integration with 22 systems and banks.

Speed and efficiency: Reduction of number of documents requested from citizens and verification of their authenticity. The e-Notary system is integrated with other state information systems and databases. It is integration that helps notary publics in Kazakhstan to request information about individuals, legal entities and real estate online when performing notarial actions.

Transparency:All the notary public actions, all transactions and requests for information are recorded in the system.

Optimization of work for notary publics: The system maintains an electronic register of all notarial actions performed, and this makes it easy to find the necessary information. The system generates notary publics` reports submitted to the Notary Chamber automatically.

Quality of work:The portal regularly publishes instructions on how to work with the e-Notary system.

User-friendliness:On the homepage of the portal, citizens can find information about all the notary publics in the region, their addresses and contact details, information about their licenses.

Accessibility: Using the system, citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan can familiarize with a legislative framework that regulates notarial activities, as well as contacts of territorial chambers and justice bodies in charge of notary issues in the country.

Elimination of barriers and bureaucracy: Currently, in order to process most transactions, notary public clients in Kazakhstan do not need to present such documents as an address certificate, certificate of real estate, certificate of no criminal record and legal capacity. It is enough to have only a national ID card with IIN. This became possible thanks to the e-Notary system, which interacts with various systems and databases.

Security when making transactions: Thanks to the e-Notary system, citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan can be sure that if they applied to a notary public, no illegal and fraudulent transactions will be made. For instance, when making a real estate purchase and sale transaction, a notary public can verify the authenticity of a seller's documents and his/her rights to real estate, as well as make sure that there are no encumbrances or arrest on it.

Convenience: You can register the rights to real estate directly from the notary public office. Immediately after acquisition of real estate, citizens can register their titles thereto without contacting other authorities. After concluding a contract between the parties for real estate, a notary public using the e-Notary system, sends a request for registration of titles to real estate to a government agency.