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«Legal Entities» National Database

«Legal Entities» National Database (hereinafter – LE ND) is designed to maintain the national register of business identification numbers and ensures the assignment of BIN to legal entities, branches and representative offices in cooperation with LE ND and departmental systems Of the Committee on statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the state revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Project implementation period:

2003-2007 year – creation, implementation and commercial operation start-up;

2008–2009 year – system maintenance;

2009-2010 year – trial operation and implementation of the upgraded system;

2011 – commercial operation, maintenance of modernized IS at the present time;

 Objectives of the project LE ND:

- The implementation of the registration and business identification numbers;

- Automated collection, storage and processing of information in order to provide relevant and reliable information about legal entities, branches, representative offices;

- Unambiguous identification of legal entities by means of BIN;

- Integration of information resources belonging to different departments in terms of identification of legal entities;

- Creation of a centralized database that stores and provides up-to-date and reliable information about legal entities;

- Suppression of the facts of illegal registration of « pseudo-enterprises» by means of verification of submitted registration information with the data of the state-owned database «Individuals»;

- Suppression of the facts of registration of legal entities, the participant of which is the head or the founder of an inactive legal entity;

LE ND is integrated with 34 information systems of state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.