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New service related to address data of real estate objects available on portal and eGov Mobile app

Kazakhstani citizens can familiarize with the history of changes in the address of a real estate object during sale, registration of collateral for property at notary publics, banks and other organizations with the help of a new service for verification of archival data.

The new service enables viewing information about changes in address of property using the registration address code during registration procedures. For instance, if a street name or house number has changed, but an old address is indicated in the documents, you will no longer have to contact CSC.

Previously, a certificate of change of real estate address was received through CSC in paper, which took a lot of time and created problems when registering real estate.

Now, one can confirm an actual address of a property using the public service. It is worth mentioning that only the history of address changes is displayed, exclusive of real estate data.

When citizens may need the new service:

- when selling a real estate;

- when registering a pledge;

- when requested by housing and communal services departments;

- when requested by migration service departments;

- when the name of a district/region, etc. has changed.

It should be noted that the updates were implemented under the framework of the Presidential Decree on the De-Bureaucratization, the importance of which lies in digital transformation and system re-engineering of all the spheres of public administration.

«Many Kazakhstani citizens face a problem when the address of their house has changed, but when selling real estate, notary publics and banks send them to CSC to obtain a certificate of address change. The service is popular. Thus, citizens received the certificate up to 3 million times within the previous years. Considering the need, we have designed the service that allows prohibiting notary publics and banks to request the certificate and use a new service instead," said Rostislav Konyashkin, Chairman of the Board, National Information Technologies JSC.

It should be mentioned that a similar service is also delivered via the eGov mobile app in the "Real Estate and Utility Services" section.

To use the service "Archived information of addresses by RСA", you need to go to the eGov, on the homepage in the "Services" section, select "Archival address data by RCA". Afterwards, a user needs to:

  • sign in on the Portal;
  • order the service online;
  • fill in RCA and click "Check" button (an address code is available in the personal account or in the technical passport of property).

Upon successful processing of a request, archival address data became available in the Portal. If RCA is entered incorrectly, message "Please, check the entered address code" will be displayed.

The service was implemented thanks to the integration of information systems of Public Services Committee under MDDIAI RK, National Information Technologies JSC, State Credit Bureau JSC and Unified Notary Information System.

Earlier, a joint order was signed by MDDIAI RK and MIID RK, which not only prohibits requesting these certificates from citizens, but also allows notary publics and banks to use the service when delivering the services to customers.