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‘Individuals` National Database (INDB)

INDB is an integrated system for registration and storage of data on individuals of the Republic of Kazakhstan that is sufficient for identification and determination of civil status.

INDB objective: submitting the data on individuals, with individual identification number indicated, to Kazakhstani government agencies` information systems, in particular, introducing the single logic for the entire individuals` registration system to Civil Registry Office branches, documentation, social insurance, healthcare, and pension support, as well as to tax offices, etc.           

INDB purpose: informational resources` integration of official systems that register individuals within their competence and in accordance with the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation, and also ensuring saving funds in further development of all departmental systems.      

INDB tasks:

  • migrating to the integrated system of individuals` registration based on introducing individual identification number (IIN);
  • addressing the problem of incompatibility between the existing departmental systems and those under development; creating the background for the development of National Registers of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • updating the government agencies` databases and preventing data duplication.

December 13, 2007: Act on commissioning of INDB to commercial operation was signed. 

INDB is integrated with 59 information systems of the Republic of Kazakhstan`s authorities and government agencies.