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"Residence permit" digital document available in eGov Mobile app

A new digital document – "Residence permit" is available in the eGov Mobile application.

The "Residence permit" digital document available in the eGov Mobile app can be used for identification.

A residence permit is a document confirming a foreigner`s right for permanent residence in the Republic of Kazakhstan. To get it, it is first necessary to get a positive decision enabling to stay on the territory of Kazakhstan.

"Digital Documents" section is one of the achievements of the eGov Mobile application. We are aiming to transfer all the major documents into digital format for the convenience of Kazakhstani citizens and foreigners who have a residence permit in our country. Now, "Residence permit" digital document is available in the mobile app. Foreigners can provide an electronic document everywhere at the place of demand on a par with a paper one",- said Rostislav Konyashkin, Chairman of the Board, National Information Technologies JSC.

To find a new digital document, you need to log in to the eGov Mobile app, find "Digital Documents" section on the homepage and click "Residence permit".

In case if a digital document contains incorrect information, you can submit an appeal to a relevant government agency via e-Otinish by clicking "Report an Error" button.

A digital document is similar to an original copy of a document. It should be noted that currently the Digital Documents service available at the eGov Mobile app contains 24 documents (national ID, passport of citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, driving license, vaccination passport, PCR test and birth certificate, etc.), which are actively used by more than 11.7 million citizens. All digital documents can be provided at the place of demand as the Law establishes the equivalence of an electronic document (digital document) to a paper counterpart.