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Service for legalization of foreign vehicles available on the portal and eGov Mobile app

The new service enables getting approval for legalization of a vehicle with foreign license plates. The service will be available on the e-Gov portal and eGov Mobile app for individuals from January 23 to July 1, 2023.

Pursuant to the Decree of Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of January 11, 2023 No. 13, Kazakhstani citizens should legalize foreign vehicles imported into the Republic of Kazakhstan before September 1, 2022 using the new service "Vehicle verification for legalization" on the portal. The new service is intended only for submitting an electronic application. Upon application submission, vehicles of category B (passenger cars) and D1 (minibuses) will be checked for compliance with the following requirements:

  • import of a vehicle before September 1, 2022;
  • absence of criminal signs on a vehicle;
  • availability of customs clearance.

The new service can be found on the homepage of the e-Gov Portal in the "Services" section and in the "Transport and Communications" section - "Road Transport". A similar service is also available in the eGov Mobile app in the "Driving and Transport" section.

 "In cooperation with MDDIAI of RK and MIA of RK, NIT JSC team implemented the new service for online submission of application on, NIT JSC team implemented a new service for submission of electronic applications via portal. The procedure of foreign vehicles legalization will be carried out in two stages. Vehicle owners should first submit an application on the portal, then contact the Specialized CSC to check a vehicle, register it, pay a registration fee and obtain a license plate" said Rostislav Konyashkin, Chairman of the Board, National Information Technologies JSC.

To submit an electronic application on the portal it is necessary to:

- have permanent registration at the place of residence;

- have citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- have registration in the mobile citizens database (MCD);

- fill-in all the necessary information about a previous owner of a vehicle;

- send a request for verification;

- book an electronic queue at the the Specialized CSC for vehicle inspection.

The service delivery result is sent within 15 minutes to the user's personal account in the form of a notification on approval for legalization of a vehicle or a substantiated refusal to provide the public service.

After receiving the notification, a vehicle owner should provide a vehicle to inspection points at the Specialized CSC to inspect a vehicle, register it, pay the registration fee in the amount of KZT 200 thousand, obtain a license plate and a vehicle certificate.

The service was implemented thanks to the joint work of National Information Technologies JSC, the State Services Committee of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.