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Certification Authority of the government agencies of the RK

Certification Authority of the government agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter: CA GA of RK) is a certification authority servicing government agencies, officials from government agencies in information systems and other state information resources of government agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

CA GA of RK was put into commercial operation on May 29, 2007.

A mobile workplace of a civil servant has been implemented on a tablet with capability of signing electronic documents from the Single e-Workflow System using registration certificates obtained at CA GA of RK.

Внедрено программное обеспечение, позволяющее подавать государственным служащим ЦГО и МИО онлайн заявления на выпуск\отзыв регистрационных свидетельств УЦ ГО, при помощи веб-интерфейса.

Software has been implemented that enables civil servants from central government agencies and local executive bodies to submit online applications for issuance/revocation of CA GA registration certificates using the web-based interface. A testing completion act was received certifying CA GA of RK compliance with information security requirements as of October 7, 2020.