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Civil Registry Office Information System is aimed at registering Kazakhstani citizens` acts of civil status regarding certain events (birth, death, marriage/divorce, adoption, paternity testing and changing of name/surname). Data on birth or death is transferred to Individuals Database.     

Civil Registry Office IS major function: recording, registering, processing and storing vital records of Kazakhstani citizens regarding the registration process of applications and requests by Civil Registry Office, performing various logical tests during registration and preparation of consolidated reports with a breakdown by various periods of time.     

Civil Registry Office IS’ major purpose: providing the required informational support and automated technology for addressing the tasks of Kazakhstani citizens` civil acts registration.   


- August 13, 2007: commissioning to commercial operation the functionality of birth registration in Civil Registry Office IS;

- April 14, 2008: functionality for registration of vital records on adoption, paternity testing, changing of name/surname;

- May 1, 2008: functionality for registration of vital records on death;

- June 1, 2008: functionality for registration of vital records on marriage/divorce.

Civil Registry Office IS is integrated with 12 information systems of authorities and government agencies in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Interoperability regulations were approved with each government agency under trial operation based on which the systems are integrated with each other.