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Government Intranet

Currently, GI infrastructure looks as follows:

- Landline segment of GI covering the distributed fiber-optic network in Nur-Sultan city, and also the urban networks in region center cities and in Almaty.

Urban networks are using the IP/MPLS technology at the speeds of: 1Gbps to each subscriber (government agency); up to 40Gbps of the core’s internal capacity in Nur-Sultan; and 10Gbps in region center cities.

Technical solution for network construction complies with the following criteria:
- high network reliability level no less than 99.95%;

- assurance of network resources` high security;

- maintenance of services delivery quality and service level management;

- control over network resources and planning the utilization thereof.

MPLS technology was chosen as a major technology for government agencies` data transmission. Based on this technology, each government agency obtains a distributed isolated network.

– Space segment of Government Intranet encompasses region and district center cities/towns of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The communication organization scheme enables district center towns’ performing data transfer both towards regional node and to central satellite earth station in Nur-Sultan in one satellite hop.