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The SOC of "NIT" JSC

The Security Operations Center of NIT JSC is a close-knit team of professionals, consisting mainly of analysts, operators and information security engineers, which regardless of the time of day, ensures 24/7 information security of e-Gov information and communication infrastructure as well as government agencies` information systems connected to SOC.

SOC tasks:

  • round-the-clock monitoring and detection of information security incidents;
  • provision of uninterrupted receipt and storage of log events, as well as their transfer to the National Coordinating Center for Information Security (hereinafter: NCCIS);
  • identification of IS vulnerabilities, penetration testing of customers` servers and infrastructure;
  • analysis of the source code;
  • provision of the detailed reports on the work done by SOC to customers;
  • provision of recommendations to customers to ensure information security and minimize possible risks.

Advantages of SOC under NIT JSC:

  • round-the-clock operation of SOC (24х7х365);
  • placement of SOC information security systems and infrastructure in the Server Center of government agencies, which results in a high level of fault tolerance, as well as confidentiality, availability and integrity of customer data;
  • availability of access to the Single Government Agencies` Intranet (hereinafter: GAs` Intranet), which makes it possible to arrange a reliable and secure connection of customers` informatization objects to SOC through the available communication channels of GAs` Intranet;
  • availability of international certificates: ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System and its integrations with ISO 9001Quality Management System and ISO/IEC 20000 Service Management;
  • close interaction with NCCIS, including on the issues of monitoring the provision of protection and safety to ensure functioning of informatization objects.

Licence of the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 72 as of March 06, 2019