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Real Estate Registry National Database

The Project objective: Creating an integrated database of real estate, of titles and encumbrances to real estate, technical and cost characteristics thereof, and ensuring interoperability with the government agencies concerned.

Project implementation terms:

2004-2008:  Creation and implementation

2009-2010: System update

2011: Trial operation of the upgraded system

2012 to the present day: Commercial operation


RER NDB purpose: ”Real Estate Registry National Database” information system is intended for automated capturing/entering, processing, updating, storing and analyzing the data in the field of state registration and recording titles to real estate based on up-to-date information technologies and computer hardware, and for providing such information to public administration bodies and  to other stakeholders in order to address the tasks of improving the efficiency of real estate management processes reasonable market use thereof.


RER NDB project tasks:

  • maintaining the single automated recording of titles to real estate items, as well as rights for use or management thereof;
  • ensuring the creation of governmental information resources (central database) of real estate and rights thereto, and integrating the information resources owned by various agencies;
  • ensuring the completeness and validity of information on the recording items in order to improve the public administration efficiency;
  • providing the law enforcement and control authorities with complete and valid information so as to assist them in ensuring real estate owners’/users’ compliance with the applicable legislation;
  • interchanging electronic data with departmental information systems involved in creating, recording, maintaining inventory, assessing the cost, recording the rights/title, performing taxation, management and administration of real estate;
  • enhancing the IT service and reducing the labor effort/time wasting in registering or changing the characteristics of real estate items and rights/titles thereto.


RER NDB was integrated with 23 information systems in government agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.