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Regional e-Government Gateway

The information system "Regional gateway of e-Government" is aimed to deliver local governments' e-services to citizens through integration of akimats' information systems with e-Government components.

Implementing the typical solution will enable unifying akimats' activities on service delivery to citizens, introducing the uniform service delivery standard, the uniform application forms, and the uniform mechanism for service delivery, which would enable:
1) simplifying the process of service delivery to citizens and businesses;
2) shortening the gathering documents process and the number of queues;
3) ensuring the transparency of e-service delivery business process through notifying the applicants of the statuses of services;
4) enlarging the number of services delivered to citizens in electronic format.

Through the System, the socially important services have been implemented, such as: "Inclusion of pre-school age children in waiting list for kindergarten"; "Registering and queuing the citizens in need for housing from public housing fund"; and the most popular public services and functions of education departments, archives, housi9ng and utilities sector, employment and social programs, and internal policy departments.

The project`s indicators in 2016:

  • 99% coverage of all cities and regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • 17 public services and 5 services, 2 republican-wide e-registers operate (e-Register for Custody and Guardianship, e-Register for Private Subsidiary Farm;
  • within 10-months of 2016, 1,946,600 local governments` public services have been delivered via the regional e-Gov Gateway (which is 42 % more as compared to 2015), among which e-Gov Portal amounted to 46%, Citizen Service Center – 34% and local governments – 20%.