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"E-Zan Komegi"

Pursuant to Article 24 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of July 5, 2018 No. 176-VI "On Advocacy and Legal Assistance", National Information Technologies JSC developed the information system called "E-Zan Komegi" Unified Information System of Legal Assistance (hereinafter: e–Zan Komegi).

The purpose of the e–Zan Komegi project is to provide citizens with qualified online legal assistance, automate legal activities as well as activities of legal consultants.

Advantages of e–Zan Komegi:

  • providing citizens with effective legal assistance at the consultation stage through entering data on individuals and legal entities through e–Zan Komegi;
  • providing lawyers and legal advisers with state-of-the-art tools for verifying data on individuals and legal entities in the course of legal proceedings;
  • accelerating evidence collection when one performs duties as a defense attorney or representative;
  • automating delivery and accounting of state guaranteed legal assistance online;
  • enabling courts and law enforcement agencies to check the status and authority of lawyers and legal advisers online;
  • maintaining the membership register in the Chamber of Legal Advisers;
  • capability of obtaining an extract from the electronic register of legal advisers;
  • capability of obtaining an extract from the register of self-regulating organizations on the accepted notification on the beginning of self-regulating organization activities established based on mandatory membership (participation);
  • informational interactions on requests for information to government and non-government organizations required for execution of legal activities as well as activities of legal advisers;
  • maintaining web-portals of the local Bar Council and Chamber of Legal Advisers;
  • legal reference system containing a set of legal information that enables quickly finding the best solution to any problem related to legislation, as well as analyzing large amounts of information.